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Population Health Sciences


The Population Health Sciences Initiative is a broad interdisciplinary program that aims to bring together basic and translational scientists and physicians from across Stanford University and the Stanford University Medical Center to provide resources and facilitate collaborations focused on population-level questions, data and approaches.

Contact Information

Linda S. Walker
Program Manager, Spectrum
Phone: (650) 498-6498
Email: Linda Walker

Population Health Sciences Colloquium, September 26, 2013

More than 250 researchers and clinicians from Stanford and regional healthcare organizations attended the first Population Health Sciences colloquium to share ideas on new approaches to population-level health research.

Spectrum’s Population Health Sciences (PHS) colloquium was held on September 26, 2013 at the Koret Taube Conference Center, Gunn/SIEPR Building. The primary purpose of this one-day gathering was to highlight the volume and range of Stanford PHS research and resources; to provide a forum for researchers to discuss where their fields are going, identify funding opportunities, and forge new collaborations within Stanford and with regional healthcare organizations; and to propose ways in which the PHS Initiative can enhance the effectiveness of Stanford PHS researchers. The colloquium was organized around three "levels" of research or application: global/national, local/regional, and institutional, the latter focusing on improving care for patients at Stanford through a learning healthcare system.

Contact: Linda Walker.

Program Overview

The Population Health Sciences Initiative was established in 2013 within Spectrum. Its goals are:

  • To facilitate interdisciplinary interactions and collaborations across the Stanford campus, including the Medical Center, in population-related disciplines as they relate to human health, such as: bioinformatics, biostatistics, clinical trials, computational sciences, demography, epidemiology, health economics, health policy, implementation science, and social sciences, among others.
  • To develop and provide core resources and tools that will advantage the work in these disciplines separately and together, including: big data libraries; data management capabilities; informatics, biostatistical and logistic support; and access to funding to pilot and explore innovative research.
  • To offer opportunities for translating research and scholarship into improvements in health and health care delivery in our local settings and communities, regionally and beyond, including the establishment of the Stanford Learning Healthcare System.

Population Health Sciences Initiative Steering Committee

Members of the Population Health Sciences Initiative Steering Committee:

  • Bryan Bohman – Clinical Associate Professor of Anesthesia, Associate Chief Medical Officer, SHC
  • Todd Ferris – Associate Chief Information Officer, School of Medicine
  • Bob Harrington – Director, Population Health Sciences Initiative; and Chair, Department of Medicine and Professor of Medicine
  • Mark Cullen – Professor Medicine (General Medical Disciplines, VA)
  • Sumbul Desai – Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine General Medical Disciplines), and Associate Chief Medical Officer, Strategy and Innovation, SHC
  • Matthew Eisenberg – Director, Medical Informatics, SHC
  • Sabine Girod – Associate Professor of Surgery (Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery)
  • Steve Goodman – Professor of Medicine (General Medical Disciplines) and of HRP
  • Harry Greenberg – Director, Spectrum; Senior Associate Dean of Research and Training; and Professor of Medicine
  • Robert Haile – Associate Director, Population Science, Stanford Cancer Institute; Department of Medicine (Oncology)
  • Philip Lavori – Chair and Professor of HRP
  • Christopher Longhurst – Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics
  • Doug Owens – Senior Fellow, Freeman Spogli Institute; Professor of Medicine (PCOR)
  • Wing Wong – Professor of Statistics and of HRP

Leadership – Population Health Sciences

Robert Harrington, MD
Director, Population Health Sciences Initiative
Chair, Department of Medicine and Professor of Medicine

Mark Cullen, MD
Co-Director, Population Health Sciences Initiative
Professor of Medicine (General Medical Disciplines, VA)

Doug Owens, MD, MS
Co-Director, Population Health Sciences Initiative
Senior Fellow, Freeman Spogli Institute
Professor of Medicine (PCOR)

Program Contact Information

Lorene Nelson, PhD
Faculty Executive Director, PHS
Phone: (650) 723-6854
Email: email Lorene Nelson

Linda S. Walker
Program Manager, Spectrum
Phone: (650) 498-6498
Email: email Linda Walker