The Center for Innovative Study Design (CISD)


Spectrum provides assistance to investigators for designing clinical trials through the Center for Innovative Study Design (CISD).

Services Provided
  • Pre-award & post-award support
  • Study design assistance
  • Advice on setup of data management
  • Training in study design, statistical analysis, use of data tools
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The Center for Innovative Study Design (CISD) was created in March 2009 to integrate the following services in the School of Medicine:

  • Data Coordinating Center (designs and implements specialized, innovative clinical study data and management and visualization tools)
  • Biostatistics Shared Resource of the Stanford Cancer Institute
  • Biostatistics and Design Program of Spectrum
  • Design and review capacity of the Clinical and Translational Research Unit (CTRU)
  • Clinical and translational research (CTR) offerings in pre-award design consultation service

CISD provides training, workshops, and expert consultation and planning in clinical research informatics.

For complete information on the services available visit the CISD website.