Boilerplate Text for Grant Proposals — Freidenrich Center and CTRU Description


Spectrum support for Clinical Research is divided into four stages, the first of which is DESIGNING YOUR STUDY.

This stage includes tasks and activities that occur early in the design & development of a study, such as:

  • biostatistics consultations
  • informatics consultations
  • bioethics consultations
  • identifying co-investigators and collaborators
  • exploring funding opportunities

Boilerplate text describing the FCTR (Freidenrich Center for Translational Research), and the CTRU facilities in the new FCTR space is available for use in your grant proposals. Download this Word document that can be used in your documents (e.g., grant proposals); it can be edited as necessary to fit your needs. Check the date of boilerplate text to ascertain that it is current for your needs.

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