Clinical Informatics — Information & Consultations


Spectrum support for Clinical Research is divided into four stages, the first of which is DESIGNING YOUR STUDY.

This stage includes tasks and activities that occur early in the design & development of a study, such as:

  • biostatistics consultations
  • informatics consultations
  • bioethics consultations
  • identifying co-investigators and collaborators
  • exploring funding opportunities

Stanford Research IT (RIT) provides a variety of services to facilitate clinical and translational research:

  • Access to SUMC Clinical Data for Research Purposes
  • Research Data Management Solutions
  • Real-time Research Alerting
  • Biospecimen Data Management
  • Privacy and Security
  • RIT consultants can also help review your project's data management and informatics needs and assist with developing a budget and Informatics/IT support proposal section for your grant prior to submission.
  • For additional information, schedule a free consultation.

Stanford Cancer Institute Research Database (SCIRDB) will consult with you about research data management for cancer and disease groups. For additional information, send e-mail to with a brief description of your research interests.

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