Stanford K-Fest


K-Fest is a half-day event that celebrates the research projects of Stanford’s NIH “K scholars” and provides advice to future applicants. Spectrum offers two mentored programs designed to advance the careers of clinical researchers — the KL2 Mentored Career Development Award and the TL1 Clinical Research Training Award.

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Jessica P. Meyer, MBA
Education Program & Event Manager


Monday, January 25, 2016

This year’s K-Fest featured talks on applying for K awards and transitioning to independent research funding. The finale was a research poster fair that provided networking opportunities to K awardees, researchers, faculty, institutional leaders and program staffers. Download the 2016 program for more information on speakers and poster abstracts.

  • Fellow-to-K Scholar Transition: K Scholar Perspective (12 min.)
    Julia Simard (health research and policy) on applying for and conducting an NIH K-01 research study.

  • Fellow-to-K Scholar Transition: NIH Perspective (16 min.)
    Tracy Rankin , program director, National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), on what you should know before you write a career development application.

  • Fellow-to-K Scholar Transition: Faculty Mentor Panel (24 min.)
    Julia Simard, Randy Stafford, Mary Leonard and Steven Asch on advice for a successful K award application.

  • Stanford Resources for Award Applicants: Grant Writing (3 min.)
    Crystal Botham, director of the Stanford Grant Writing Academy, on steps to successful grant writing.

  • Transitions from K Awards to Independent Funding (22 min.)
    John Boothroyd (microbiology and immunology) on seven tips for managing the transition from K to independent funding.

  • Transitions from K to R Award Transition (22 min.)
    Catherine Blish (infectious diseases) on the roadmap for the transition.

  • Transitions from K to Independent Funding: Panel Discussion
    (24 min.)
    PJ Utz, Sean Mackey, Catherine Blish, John Boothroyd on long-term strategies for building a successful clinical research career.

  • Stanford Resources for Award Applicants: Grant Assistance
    (4 min.)
    Michael Helms, director of the Stanford Research Development Office, on how this office can help you with grant applications, collaborations and team building.