Health Screening, Safety and Compliance Training for Clinical Research Staff & Post Docs (formaly known as HSSC Program)

Postdoctoral Fellows/Scholars

Spectrum supports postdoctoral scholars through advanced education programs to pursue a PhD or advanced education in Translational Research areas of their choice.

Contact Information

Anandi Krishnan, PhD email

This applies if you are a SoM (non-faculty) employee or postdoc who: 1) may be assigned duties with potential for occupational health exposures related to clinical research participants and 2) performs job duties (including Epic access) within SHC, LPCH, and/or other Stanford affiliated research patient care locations. For staff who will participate in any clinical trials/research study, you are required to complete health screening, safety and compliance training administered by Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) and Stanford University Medical Center (SUMC) HealthStream.

Supervisors start here: Clinical Researchers Occupational Exposures Assessment Questionnaire

Note: As of 10/14/13, the "Clinical Researchers Occupational Exposures Assessment Questionnaire" has replaced the HSSC assessment form.

For more information, go to:

Questions? Contact EH&S Occupational Health and Safety Program (723-0448) for assistance if needed. Require additional assistance? Please