Support for Research Budgets

Set-Up Your Study

The STUDY SET-UP stage includes activities that occur after the study has been designed and developed, and before you begin to enroll patients.

This stage includes activities in areas such as:

  • contracts & grant proposals
  • IRB approval
  • research management compliance
  • study budgeting & billing
  • required registration of trial
Research Budgeting & Billing Support
  • Research Management Group (RMG) provides study budgeting support. Contact your RPM for general clinical research budgeting, pricing and process questions.
  • The Cancer Clinical Trials Office (CCTO) provides study budgeting support for cancer/oncology clinical research.
  • Spectrum OTC provides budget and billing training.
Key Points
  • Know your protocol before you contact your RPM.
  • Be prepared to discuss your budgeting requirements.

Next Steps